TMJ Treatment in Bellaire, Houston

Have you heard of TMJ disorder? What about TMD disorder? Bellaire, Houston dentist explains:

TMJ Treatment Houston | Dr. Kathy Frazar DDS

You’re probably used to going to the dentist for teeth cleaning or even treating cavities, but have you ever thought of visiting your dentist to treat a headache or even migraines? “Most people don’t relate treating general aches at their dentist’s office. The truth is that if you suffer from TMJ disorder, there’s a lot a dentist can do to help, says TMJ specialist Dr. Kathy Frazar from the Houston Dentists in Bellaire, Houston. “TMJ or TMD disorder relates back to our temporomandibular joint which is highly sensitive to physical, emotional and even psychological stress, Dr. Kathy Frazar continues. “ In other words, TMD results from problems with the jaw, jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving your jaw.”

TMJ specialist Dr. Kathy Frazar reviews TMJ symptoms

If you’re experiencing pain when you speak, chew, yawn or any other movement you make using your facial muscles, you might be suffering from TMD. But before we get ahead of ourselves, check out the specific TMJ symptoms below and see if you can relate:

° Sore cheeks and jaw
° Facial swelling
° Neck aches
° Headaches or migraines
° Jaw gets stuck, locked or pops

If you’re experiencing some of these TMD symptoms, visit an expert dentist such as Bellaire, Houston dentist, Dr. Frazar. You’ll go through a physical exam, answer questions about your health history and discover the causes for your TMJ pain. These can include a problem with your bite, arthritis, even sleep position.

TMJ specialist Dr. Kathy Frazar in Bellaire, Houston explains TMJ treatment plans:

If you suffer from TMD and are in the Bellaire, Houston area, visit The Houston Dentists. You’ll collaborate with our dentists in figuring out your source of pain. If it’s due to issues with you bite or jaw, we might be able to fit you for a bite device to correct your bite. This will help you stop teeth grinding, preventing more stress on your jaw. If your TMJ symptoms are due to arthritis, you might be prescribed pain relief medication. The Houston Dentists will also review some other care treatments such as:

  • No chewing gum
  • Eat smaller bites
  • Alternate chewing between both sides of your mouth
  • Stress relief

If you are experiencing any of these TMJ disorder symptoms, it is important to see a TMJ dentist as soon as possible. There is no need to live with the pain of a TMJ disorder when there are several treatments available.

Patient Testimonial

For years, I suffered from excruciating painful…

For years, I suffered from excruciating painful TMJ symptoms caused from a bad bite. Daily headaches, constant jaw cracking/popping/locking, paired with an inability to chew food. I tried everything (acupuncture, intra-oral massage, pain pills and muscle relaxers, etc) and nothing alleviated my symptoms. I read about neuromuscular dentistry & found Dr. Kathy Frazar and her husband Dr. Tom Hedge and set up a consultation.

I was immediately impressed upon walking into the office. It feels much more like a spa than going to the dentist. The staff are incredibly pleasant and accommodating. After Dr Hedge measured my bite with special equipment, he recommended a fixed orthotic splint. I then met with his wife, Dr Frazar about doing a full mouth restoration. I trusted them both instantly and knew I was in expert hands!

I wore the splint for about two months and 85-90 percent of my tmd symptoms disappeared. I yawned for the first time in years! (I didn’t have the range of motion to open my mouth that wide prior). Once my bite was at a comfortable position, they applied temporaries and a few weeks later, applied the porcelain veneers. Dr. Frazar did the most amazing job on my smile! She is truly an artist with a great aesthetic eye! She listened to all of my concerns and she gave me exactly what I wanted with great results. She was able to widen my smile to fit my face, but the best part is I am now pain-free!

My fiancé, who was terrified of dentists due to a traumatic experience, is actually getting his porcelains done tomorrow! Dr. Frazar’s impeccable bedside manner made him feel comfortable right away and get over his fear of the dentist chair.

The office feels like a relaxing luxury hotel, the staff are welcoming & extremely attentive, & Dr. Frazar & Dr. Hedge are the dynamic duo of the dentistry world!

TMJ Treatment Houston | Dr. Kathy Frazar DDS
TMJ Treatment Houston | Dr. Kathy Frazar DDS